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  • Ezeso Jasmine Petals Powder Mask

    1. Contains fruitful plant nutrients
    2. Reduce the visibility of aging symptoms
    3. Improve skin metabolism
    4. Restore skin elasticity
  • Ezeso Rosemary Petals Powder Mask

    1. Contains rich rose petal extracts
    2. Dissolve melanin and pigmentation
    3. Reduce freckles
    4. Restores aqua to the skin
  • Ezeso Lavender Petals Powder Mask

    1. Contains pure natural plant extracts
    2. Repair damaged skin surface
    3. Balance the skin’s PH value
    4. Restore youth and brightness to skin
  • Ezeso Chamomile Petals Powder Mask

    1. Rich chamomile essence
    2. Improves skin agility
    3. Balance oil secretion
    4. Replenish skin with aqua nutrients
  • Ezeso Nano Gold Powder Mask

    1. Contains nano gold particles
    2. Reduce the buildup of dark patches
    3. Reduce visible wrinkles
    4. Restore health to our skin