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  • Ezeso Oxygen Revitalizing Toner

    1. Induce oxygen for better metabolism
    2. Revitalize skin and reduce aging symptoms
    3. Improve skin firmness
    4. Reduce discoloring patches
  • Ezeso Chamomile Sensitive Care Toner

    1. Advance aqua replenishment
    2. Perfect for dry and dull skin
    3. Improve skin immunity
    4. Protection for sensitive skin
  • Ezeso L-VC Whitening Toner

    1. Hasten the breakdown of melanin
    2. Diminish discolored complexion
    3. Reduces the visibility of freckles
    4. Leave skin with tangible brightness
  • Ezeso Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Toner

    1. Rich in natural hyaluronic acid
    2. Nourish skin and balance PH value
    3. Sustain skin water level
    4. Improve skin elasticity